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Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Kinsley Castle is a writer, musician, and certifiable nutter from Sydney Australia.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Knitting Patterns of Doom

The duties of the president of Runovia are many and varied, from vital international diplomacy to getting out and meeting his people...

It was a nice day in Beryl City -- which is to say, the rain held back to a light sprinkle -- and Prince Hector stood in the front of the parliament building greeting the people as the Annual Craftsman's Parade went by.

"Yoohoo!" called a woman with purple hair and waved at the president.

"Hello, and you are?"

"We're the Runovia Ladies' Knitting Circle, your highness." The Runovia ladies' knitting circle formed up in their ranks before Hector and giggled.

"Splendid. And what are you knitting for Runovia at the moment?"

The ladies of the knitting circle shuffled their feet and looked at each other. And after a moment, their spokeswoman said, "Well, we've been keeping it a secret, but seeing as you're the president..."

"I am indeed," said Hector.

"...We're knitting a nuclear submarine. You know, for Runovia's navy."

Another woman behind her said, "We heard that the Navy's rowboat had sprung a leak, and we just wanted to help out."

The president scratched his chin. "Is that even possible?"

"Oh," said the spokeswoman, "You can knit anything these days."